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Wildlife around Pitlochry Golf Course

There are a number of animals and birds that are well worth looking out for when wondering around the Pitlochry Golf course and the Pitlochry golf estate. See if you can spot some or all of the following…

Roe DeerRoe Deer:
These relatively small deer are majestic in their movements and you may see one or two bounding in to surrounding foliage as you complete your round.

Found yourself in a burn beside the fairway? You may well bump in to a semi-aquatic mammal as you consider whether or not you should do a Jean Van de Velde and jump in to the water in order to play your next shot.

Red Squirrels:
Pitlochry can boast that it is home to the increasingly rare (on British shores) species Sciurus Vulgaris more commonly known as the Red Squirrel. After the introduction of the Grey Squirrel to the United Kingdom, the population of the smaller, red squirrel has decreased dramatically.However red squirrels continue to live unchallenged in Highland Perthshire and it is likely that you will spot one scurrying around the golf course at some point during your stay.

These birds can be spotted near the “Cuilc” (a pond) by the Pitlochry Golf Clubhouse. Oystercatchers are often noisy and full of character. Their plumage is striking and you will see them around the course over the summer months.

These elegant birds can once more be spotted near the golf course as they have returned to nesting at the “Cuilc” after a number of years being absent.

So whilst you enjoy a serene break in Highland Perthshire, you may be sharing the land with more beings than you might think!



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