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As the club now communicate with the membership on general matters, through Facebook, the members newsletter will now cease. In future,communications to the membership from Pitlochry Golf Limited will be made available here in the form of a News Blog.

Michael Winton


Hole 1
- Aeration to the fairway to relieve surface water and to help with future drainage and will be ongoing all winter.
- Drains to be checked and cleaned.

Hole 2
- Drains to be checked and cleaned.

Hole 3
- Bunker maintenance.

Hole 4
- The right hand bunker will be re-built including a new base. The turf on the bunker head will also be replaced.

Hole 5
- The drains at the left hand side of the green will be checked and cleaned.

Hole 6
- The Path leading from all tees to the fairway will be cleaned and upgraded with dust for the start of the season.

Hole 7
- No works planned.

Hole 8
- Some limbs and branches will be cut off behind the white tee to allow additional light and air to the tee.
- The turf will be stripped off the tee and used for the 4th bunker head. The tee will then be levelled and new turf will be laid on top.

Hole 9
- No works planned

Hole 10
- Drains will be checked and cleaned.

Hole 11
- Bunker maintenance.

Hole 12
- Drains will be checked and cleaned.
- The fairway will be aerated throughout winter when possible.
- Posts will be fitted along the new cart path to stop buggies from driving onto the turf. We have noticed buggy damage around the green especially during the most recent wet conditions.

Hole 13
- Drains will be checked and cleaned.
- Matting will be cut into the turf after crossing the ditch and this will help with traffic damage.
- A new bunker face will be built on the left hand greenside bunker.

Hole 14
- Drains will be checked and cleaned.
- Aeration will be ongoing on the wet areas throughout winter.

Hole 15
- A new bunker face will be built on the right hand greenside bunker.

Hole 16
- Path maintenance will be done and posts fitted around the tees to stop continual buggy and trolley damage.

Hole 17
- No works planned.

Hole 18
- No works planned.

General Works

The greens have been cored and pencil tined and have all been top dressed with around 40 tonnes of sand. On Monday the 23rd of October we will apply our autumn granular fertiliser. This will help with recovery and provide the surfaces with some strength going into winter.

Dr Christopher Grant has made a significant and kind donation towards the planting of new trees. From the end of October a varied selection of indigenous species will be planted at various locations around the course. We are extremely thankful to Dr Grant for this wonderful gesture.

The practice chipping green has been sprayed with iron and will be getting scarified, pencil tined then top dressed with sand. A granular feed will be put on at the same time as the main greens. Our intention is to bring this green up a standard that replicates those on the course.

During the winter months could all members please observe the following:
- Approved winter mats must be used from all closely mown areas (fairways and green surrounds).
- Observe all course signage directing players and trollies away from greens and green surrounds.
- Repair all pitch marks.
- From the 1st of Nov through to Mid-March winter wheels are mandatory on ALL electric and push trollies.

As always we applicate your co-operation and look forward to seeing you out on the course over the winter period.

Stuart Griffiths
Course Manager