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As the club now communicate with the membership on general matters, through Facebook, the members newsletter will now cease. In future,communications to the membership from Pitlochry Golf Limited will be made available here in the form of a News Blog.

Michael Winton

Dear Member,

After a cold winter and a dry spring, we have continued into a very dry summer which has been great for the golfers but has made our job slightly tougher.

Having rebuilt the 8th tee and the 4th bunker during the winter, we had to make sure the new turf was kept alive by watering it constantly. They are both looking well and playing great.

During the very hot spell we applied a wetting agent to our greens. This, combined with continuous watering,meant that the moisture was held near the surface to keep our grasses healthy and green.

At Pitlochry Golf, we measure rainfall on a daily basis and we went nearly 5 weeks without one drop.

I believe my staff have done a fantastic job coming in to water very early in the morning and very late at night when temperatures were at their coolest.

When we water on a regular basis like this,we have to be very careful when we cut and how often we cut,in order to protect the grass as much as possible. Thankfully we have been having showers of rain recently so we are slowly getting back to normal which is allowing us to start our normal aeration and applications of sand to the greens. Other works we have done include the cutting back of some of the longer rough. As the ground has got harder, more golf balls are bouncing into the rough and our work helps in finding them easier and it speeds up play.

We will continue to top up bunkers with sand and and have also replaced all of the wood on the old benches.

Finally, I would ask members to continue to repair pitchmarks and MOST IMPORTANTLY please keep trolleys off tees and off the fringes next to the greens which will then allow recovery on the heavily trafficked areas.

Enjoy your golf

Stuart Griffiths
Course Manager